Jose Silva by candlelight
Jose Silva founder of the Silva UltraMind ESP and Holistic Faith Healing Systems

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Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems Instructor Katherine Sandusky

Katherine L. Sandusky


Katherine L. Sandusky came to work for Jose Silva shortly after graduating from high school in Laredo, Texas, and she has been involved in the Silva systems ever since.

Kathy helped in the production of the Holistic Faith Healing home study course in 1999, and developed the Silva Blended Learning System in 2019.

She is also coauthor of the 2 newest Silva books: Silva UltraMind Systems ESP for Business Success, and Silva UltraMind Systems Persuasive Thoughts.

Jose Silva Jr.


Known as Joe Jr. to his friends, Jose Silva Jr. is one of the last links to his father’s pioneering research.

When his father began to experiment with hypnosis in the late 1940's using Joe’s younger sisters and brothers as subjects, Joe was there to help and to document much of the research.

His knowledge has been invaluable in helping to carry on his father's mission.

Jose Silva Jr.
Jose Silva Jr.
Ed Bernd Jr. with Leicaflex Camera
Ed Bernd Jr.

Ed Bernd Jr.

Product Development

Ed grew up in the newspaper business. He took his first Silva class in 1975 and began teaching the Silva Method in 1977. In late 1981 Mr. Silva asked him to join the company's world headquarters staff in Laredo, and he has been here ever since.

One of his first projects was editing Jose Silva's autobiography. In all, he has worked on more than a dozen books with Mr. Silva, as editor or coauthor.

With Mr. Silva's help, Ed developed Silva programs for sales people and athletes. He also participated in holistic faith healing research with Mr. Silva, and he helped prepare manuals for the new Silva UltraMind ESP System.

He has been coordinator of the Silva International Graduate Association since 1983.

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