Blended Learning opens up a whole new dimension in mind training to help you...

Gear yourself for success in all areas of your business and personal life

Economy & convenience of home study

Silva Ultra Mind Blended Learning includes Home Study

Mentoring from a Silva Instructor

Mentoring from a certified Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems Instructor

Here is how Blended Learning works

There are 2 parts to Silva UltraMind Blended Learning System:

  1. Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar
  2. Mentoring by a Certified Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor

Your Silva Mentor helps people like you get started with the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems by answering your questions and helping you develop a plan to get exactly what you need out of the course.

You get more personal attention than you would get in even a small seminar. You can do it at your own convenience, when and where you like.

There are several ways you can do this; we can work with you or a small group to help you learn the Silva UltraMind ESP System.

Our Guided Self-Study courses with personal mentoring offer the ultimate flexibility, or choose our Individual or Group Webinar option.

The course can be completed entirely at a distance and includes the following features:

  • Start whenever you like
  • Study at your own convenience
  • Work at your own pace
  • Take as long as you need to complete
  • Mentoring insures that your specific needs are met
  • No classroom required – SAVE TIME, $$$ and GAS !!!


When you complete the Course, your Silva UltraMind Systems Certified Instructor will issue you a Certificate of Completion certifying that you have fulfilled all requirements and learned to apply the techniques correctly.

Our Blended Learning Systems utilize the best aspects of live, personal interaction between actual human beings - along with the unique benefits of being able to do the training at your convenience at a time and place of your choosing - and the power and effectiveness of the Internet.

Break through past limitations

The addition of Silva Online Training extends the opportunities to learning and personal growth far beyond the limitations of the old seminar meeting room where all students had to conform to the needs of the group for time and location, as well as the general nature of the examples and case studies that could be provided to a diverse group of people.

Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Blended Learning SystemLet us help you

Let us help you assess your progress, share more techniques in areas you need help in, and point you toward a more structured pattern of using the Silva techniques so that using them everyday, automatically, in all circumstances becomes more natural, and a regular habit.

Blended Learning provides live, personal, one-on-one guidance and support from a Certified Silva UltraMind Systems Instructor.

You receive a Student Resource Guide (student manual) that you can keep and use whenever and wherever it is convenient.

You get help for your specific needs that goes far beyond what was practical in a seminar setting. This helps you to better understand and utilize what you are learning in practical ways that will continue to bring you benefits for the rest of your life.

To see the Silva Mentors who are available to help you right now please click here.

Advantages to Guided Self-Study:

  • Convenient and Affordable.
  • Courses are completed at YOUR own pace in the comfort of YOUR home or office.
  • No classroom required – SAVE TIME, $$$ and GAS!!!
  • Course includes Student Resource Guide (Student Manual) written by QUALIFIED authors, and is yours to keep.
  • Qualified support staff available to answer any questions.

Your course materials include complete step-by-step instructions for course completion. Study all of your materials from the convenience of your home or office at your own pace. Complete the course and receive your certificate!

How does this differ from "home study"?

This program offers you a “one-on-one” educational process which means we welcome your phone calls and are available to answer any question you may have.

Unlike some programs that are concerned ONLY with the “bottom line,” we are here to help you unleash your Superpowers.

Ready to get started?

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