Enjoy life more by sharing the Silva Ultra Mind techniques with family and friends

The greatest discovery you'll ever make... is the potential of your own mind

Einstein claimed that he used only 10% of his mind, and the general public uses only about 3% or 4%. And that's what the Silva courses are all about: learning to use more of your mind.

Now you can learn to unleash your Genius Mind with just a few hours of practice.

Millions of people all over the world have taken the Silva Mind Control Method, and so can you. Now it is easier than ever before, with our step-by-step guided instructions.


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Inner images create outer reality

The inner images you hold deep within yourself determine your outer reality. The Silva Choose Success home study course gives you the tools you need to reach the deep inner levels where you can change your life for the better by simply changing your thoughts.

In order to get what they want out of life, ultra successful people use more of their minds, and they use their minds in a special manner.

This course, which was developed under the direct supervision of Jose Silva, will show you how to actually do it.

This is the most powerful software ever written for the human brain and mind.

Free bonuses for ordering now:

  • A copy of the book Relax It's Good for You
  • An audio workshop on removing fear, guilt, and doubt
  • An audio workshop on relieving stress
  • Jose Silva’s Alpha Break conditioning cycle
  • Free Membership in the Silva International Graduate Association

Millions of people worldwide have learned to unleash their Genius Mind and you can too.

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Contents of the Choose Succes audio recordings

Program 1a
00:00 How to use this program
03:19 Your mind is the key to success
07:53 Desire to learn
13.21 Basic steps
20:07 Alpha brainwaves
26:58 How to find the Alpha level
34:54 First Conditioning Cycle

Program 1b
00:00 Mental Housecleaning
01:11 Correct sense of values
18:12 Our mission in life
19:17 Prosperity formula
30:52 Precondition 2nd conditioning
33:15 Second conditioning cycle

Program 2a
00:00 Relax it’s good for you
00:52 Benefits of relaxation
01:40 Recognizing stress
02:16 Causes of stress
03:15 Relieving stress
07:16 Change causes stress
09:12 Dissipate energy
09:30 Correcting the cause of stress
12:40 Overcoming impediments
22:49 Boosting Desire
25:18 How to practice LR
35:40 Most important time to practice

Program 2b
Silva Centering Exercise (Long Relax)

Program 3a
00:00 A better night's sleep
05:04 Explain techniques
07:40 Sleep Construct
09:45 Sleep Control Technique
15:42 To Awake Control Technique
19:40 Awake Control Technique

Program 3b
Sleep, To Awake, Awake Control Conditioning cycle

Program 4a
00:01 Dreams
10:09 Dream Telepathy
12:08 Dream Control formula
17:04 Headache Control
24:05 How to stop nightmares
24:56 Destroying monsters

Program 4b
Dream Control / Headache Control Conditioning cycle

Program 5a
00:01 Mental Screen
01:39 Terminology
05:0 Locate your Mental Screen
11:15 Memory Pegs

Program 5b
Mental Screen and Memory Pegs Conditioning cycle

Program 6a
00:00 Three Fingers Technique
03:44 To read a lesson
06:10 To listen to a lecture
08:40 Test taking
15:20 More applications

Program 6b
Three Fingers Technique/Test Taking cycle

Program 7a
00:00 Mirror of the Mind
02:30.0 Using the Mirror of the Mind
09:16 Is your programming working
10:32 Solution on the left
12:11 Examples
18:09.1 Get your feelings involved
19:20.8 Review your successes
20:34.0 Jose Silva on getting results
22:34.1 Dealing with fear, guilt, doubt

Program 7b
Mirror of the Mind Conditioning Cycle

Program 8a
00:01 Hand Levitation
09:27 Benefits of Theta
15:05 Biological Intelligence
19:08 Glove Anesthesia

Program 8b
Hand Levitation / Glove Anesthesia Conditioning cycle

Program 9a
00:01 Mental Rehearsal

Program 9b
Mental Rehearsal Conditioning Cycle

Program 10a
00:01 Habit Control
07:46 Tips to stop smoking
10:12 Create new habits
12:32 Imagination vs willpower
14:26 Imagination increases willpower
15:15 Boost motivation
16:12 Helping someone else change
16:40 Tips to stop drinking
20:20 Weight Control
22:54 Cigarette Control Technique

Program 10b
Weight and Habit Control conditioning

Program 11a
00:01 Support Systems
05:54 Mental Mentor
12:52 Jose Silva: Master Artist

Program 11b
Mental Mentor conditioning cycle

Program 12a
Your Next Step

Program 12b Live lectures with Jose Silva
00:32 Jose Silva on Success
01:46 Programming not working
03:49 EEG research
08:30 Mental Screen Memory Pegs
11:42 Visualization and Imagination
08:02 3-Fingers for Memory, Speaking
22:10 Students use ESP for test taking
24:31 Fooling body’s healing mechanism
28:28 Using Glove Anesthesia
29:54 Research on eliminating habits
35:05 Using feedback to get better results

Contents of the Choose Success video

Introduction 00.01
3-Fingers Technique 00:45
Sleep Control 01:43
Mental Screen 05:08
Memory Pegs 06:10
Mirror of the Mind 21:35
Neutralizing negative past programming 23:15
Finding the Theta level 23:30

Hand Levitation 25:10
Glove Anesthesia 27:25
Jose Silva: 2nd Phase of Human Evolution 29:35
Jose Silva: Effective Sensory Projection (ESP) 31:55
How to develop your own natural ESP 32:35

Jose Silva: How to verify that you have ESP 35:30
Jose Silva: Developing your Spiritual Factor 37:10
Silva students practice mental detection and correction 37:30
Practical benefits of ESP 39:57
Jose Silva: The value to humanity of developing ESP 41:55

What you can expect from the Silva UltraMind Choose Success Program

The following will give you an idea of what you can expect as you practice and learn to use the Silva Choose Success Home Study Program.

We are all individuals; some people will progress faster, some will take a little longer.

What follows is typical, and gives you something to watch for so that you can actually see your progress as you practice:

Week 1 As you practice entering the Alpha level by practicing the Silva Centering Exercise in Session 2, you will feel more relaxed and less tense, more energetic, optimistic, and hopeful. Notice how this affects you:

  • You will find it easier to get up in the morning and greet the new day
  • People will respond better to you because you are projecting a more relaxed and positive attitude
  • Your work will go a little more smoothly because you are more relaxed and optimistic, and because you are beginning to take advantage of the powerful Alpha levels where there is more information you can use to help you make better decisions
  • You will find it easier to fall asleep at night

Week 2 As you begin using the self-management techniques in Sessions 3, 4, 5, and 6, you will find yourself taking charge of your life:

  • No more tossing and turning at night, or using drugs to get to sleep and wake up
  • You will go to sleep quickly and easily, and wake up refreshed without using an alarm clock
  • Relieve tension and migraine headaches in a matter of minutes
  • Improve your memory, concentration, and recall ability

Week 3 As you continue with Sessions 7 through 11, you will learn even more self-management techniques as well as techniques that you can use to program yourself for even greater success:

  • Start using the world famous Silva Mirror of the Mind Technique to improve conditions in your life
  • Use the Silva Mental Rehearsal Technique to help you perform better on the job, in your relationships, in leisure and recreational activities, and any other way you desire

Week 4 In Session 12, you will learn how to develop your natural intuitive factor by continuing with the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar, or Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System live training:

  • Learn how you can develop the ability to mentally detect what your loved ones need and mentally help them obtain it
  • Learn how “absent healing” - mental correction and detection of health problems at a distance -- is done, and how you can develop this skill
  • Find out how your intuition can help you become a better decision maker and enhance your career, your relationships, your life

Take the next step To continue to develop your mind to its fullest, you will develop and learn to use your natural God-given intuition with the Silva UltraMind ESP System, Jose Silva’s ultimate achievement, the culmination of his 55 years of scientific research and experience as the leader in this field.

Future From time to time you will repeat the Choose Success Home Study Program whenever you wish. You will continue to network with other Silva students and help one another.

You will read the SIGA Success Strategies online magazine, and continue to learn from your local Silva Instructor, as your life continues to get Better and Better.

Year 1 Get a piece of paper and an envelope, and write today’s date on the paper, and write down what your dreams are, what you want to accomplish. List the 5 most important things.

Put the paper in the envelope, seal the envelope, and make a note on the envelope to open it one year from today.

When you open it a year from now, you will probably realize one of two things:

1. You are reaping rewards greater than you ever imagined, because you take a few minutes every day to center yourself, to enter the alpha level, because it will make everything that you do during the day go more smoothly, more efficiently; it does not cost you a few minutes to practice every day; it gives you time; it is an investment that gives you far more than the few minutes it takes to use the Silva Method techniques.

2. Or you may find, a year down the road, that you have drifted away from it a bit, you are not practicing daily, you are only using it when you have a problem and happen to think of it, you are out of practice and you want to get back into practice; you will still have the entire Choose Success Home Study Course and can go through it again in its entirety; rejuvenate yourself, recharge yourself. One of the benefits of either program, you can repeat when you need to. You can go back to graduate meetings, plug into the network again, call some of the other grads, make programming partnerships where you program for each other you program for what they want while they program for what you want.

If you practice, then a year from now you will find yourself enjoying benefits and achieving results that you may think are nearly impossible today. Things that you have never seen before in your life, you can achieve and you will achieve if you take the steps that are necessary.

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that is so true. You have already taken the first step. You are already on the road.
If you have read this far, you are well on the road; you now know exactly what is required to achieve this success. Keep going. Keep practicing. Call on us for help. You can make your dreams come true.

May each day continue to get Better and Better, and may the rest of your life be the best of your life.

Better and better

Jose Silva and Ed Bernd Jr.


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Meet the presenters of the Silva UltraMind Choose Success Home Study Course

After 20 years experience teaching the Silva Mind Control Basic Lecture Series, and 15 years of working for Jose Silva at his company headquarters, Ed Bernd Jr. recorded the Silva Choose Success Program. Jose Silva reviewed it, and recorded special material to include in the program.

Young Jose Silva selling newspapers on the streets of LaredoJose Silva was orphaned at age 4 when his father was killed by a terrorist act during the Mexican revolution, and his mother remarried and moved away.

Instead of starting school when he turned 6, he started working to earn money to support himself, his sister, and his younger brother.

Even though he wasn't in school, he still sought knowledge and studied at every opportunity. This led him, when he was 14, to a correspondence course in radio repair, a brand new field in 1928. He took to it quickly, and soon built up the largest electronics repair business in South Texas.

Throughout his life, he always searched for better ways to do things, to earn more money, to help more people.

This quest for knowledge intensified when he married and had children of his own. His constant seeking led him to study psychology on his own.

Psychology led him to hypnosis, and eventually to a device called an electroencephalograph - EEG - that could actually detect the electrical activity of the brain.

With his background in electronics and hypnosis he had unique insights that nobody else had that helped him to understand the functioning of both the brain and the mind.

He soon developed techniques to help his children - and others in the neighborhood - learn their schoolwork faster and better, and even develop new ways of detecting information - with the mind:

He discovered a way to bring out the natural psychic ability that we are all born with.

After 22 years of research, at a cost of more than $500,000 - which he paid for himself, he never accepted money from anyone he helped, not even reimbursement for expenses - he knew that the general public needed what he had developed.

So he wrote a letter to President Lyndon Johnson offering to turn over all his research so that the government could continue to develop it and make it available to the public.

He got a polite letter back from President Johnson's scientific advisors thanking him politely but declining his offer because they felt there was no use for ESP.

Jose Silva knew better. "There is no such thing as a problem without a solution," he said, "only problems for which we do not have enough information to know what the solution is."

So if we can detect more information, we can solve more problems.

He had already proven that he could help people increase their scores on IQ tests by detecting more information and solving more of the problems on the IQ test.

The "experts" said that the IQ was fixed and couldn't be increased. Jose Silva proved them wrong, just as he proved the "experts" wrong when they said that only certain people have ESP, which they said was an "extra" sense. Everybody can learn ESP.

But he didn't fight the government. Instead, he took his findings direct to the public - and people loved it.

By the early 1970's, books were being written and people were clamoring for more information about Alpha Brain Waves. Jose Silva supplied it, and countless opportunists copied his work and offered their inferior versions to the public.

Most of the imitators soon faded away, but Jose Silva's work is still here more than 40 years later, because it is the real thing. It is based on solid scientific research, and now boasts millions of people who have benefited from it.

Now it is available to you in this Choose Success Home Study Course, which Jose Silva supervised and reviewed before it was offered to the public.

In this home study course, you can join Jose Silva during Instructor Training sessions as he answers questions about his Method, the techniques that he developed, and what you need to do to achieve success in fulfilling your purpose in life.

Ed Bernd Jr. grew up in the newspaper business and worked as a reporter for metropolitan daily newspapers for many years before discovering Silva Mind Control when he was 35. Initially a hard-core skeptic, he quickly realized the value of Silva Mind Control, and switched from working at a typewriter to presenting lectures about this exciting new science. He became a certified Silva Mind Control lecturer in 1977.

After four years of teaching the course, Ed was asked to join the headquarters staff in Laredo, Texas, in 1981. He quickly accepted in hopes of having an opportunity to use his reporting skills to learn more about this new science, and to introduce others to it.

His opportunities began immediately when Mr. Silva asked Ed to help him by editing the autobiography he was writing.

It was while working on the Autobiography that Mr. Silva suggested that they create a correspondence course to make it easier for people to get started learning his Method. The Choose Success course that they produced in 1996 fills that purpose.

Along the way, Mr. Silva helped Ed to produce specialized programs for athletes and sales people. Ed worked with Mr. Silva on more than a dozen books as editor or coauthor. In fact, he is the coauthor of Jose Silva's last four books.


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