Great artists are great problem solvers

Silva Instructor and artist Nelda Sheets

Silva Instructor and artist Nelda Sheets

Nelda Sheets is a respected artist who helped organize the very first public Silva course, for a group of artists in Amarillo, Texas. They learned quickly that creativity goes far beyond painting and sculpting and writing. It applies to all the problems we face in life.

“If something doesn't work, go to your (alpha) level and fix it.

“If something doesn't work, go to your level and find out what will fix it. Solve problems. That's his message. And he gave us specific techniques.

“Jose Silva did have a method to help us become better artists, and of course better human beings,” she continued.

Nelda offered this tip:

“Everyone is creative. If you have not done any creative work yet, then make it a point sometime this week to enter the alpha level and attune to a subject: a flower, a person, an idea, the Creator of the Universe, and express that in some form, with a song or a sketch, and make a record of it. It is not creativity until you express it objectively. It is a creative idea until you do something with it.”

You can hear her Silva Convention workshop presentation in the Creativity App.

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