Make better decisions and earn more money

Silva Ultra Mind Systems E.S.P. for Business Success bookWhat does the future hold?

Wouldn’t you love to know what to expect during the coming months and years?

The super successful people know. How do they know?

Because they use their Genius Mind.

Jose Silva put it this way:

"The difference between genius mentality and lay mentality is that geniuses use more of their mind and use it in a special manner."

In Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System you will learn how to use your mind the way geniuses do.

You have a Genius Mind. Isn’t it time you started using it… all of it?

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Unleash your Genius Mind

Use your mind power to program yourself for the kind of success that you deserve. It doesn’t matter what kind of problems you have now, or may have had in the past.

Business woman and her team

Business people at all levels from solo workers and entrepreneurs to department heads and top executives require many valuable skills.

Perhaps the most important is the ability to make good decisions in all aspects of creating and managing a profitable business.

Good decisions lead to company profits and career advancement.

Have you ever wondered why some managers seem to be far better at making decisions than the average person? It is because they use more of their mind, and use it in a special manner.

That is what you learn to do in the Silva UltraMind ESP System.

The ability to sense people’s inner thoughts and needs helps you say and do the right things to build a strong team that will quickly reach goals and achieve great success.

Your intuition provides you with an additional source of information so you will do the right thing at the right time and be ready when opportunities present themselves.

The good news is that now, thanks to the 22 years of scientific research of a man named Jose Silva, we can help you succeed by teaching you how to use your natural God-given intuition regularly and reliably so you will be more times right than wrong.

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The Value of ESP to Executives

E.S.P. brings you "inside information"A 10-year research project at an engineering college revealed that the business leaders who’s companies were most successful had exceptional precognitive ability.

The PSI Communications Project at the Newark College of Engineering (now the New Jersey Institute of Technology) researched the phenomenon of precognition and the nature of the precognitive decision-maker over a 10-year period.

The researchers found that executives who were better able to anticipate the future intuitively rather than logically increased their company's profits far more than those with little precognitive ability.

When executives with good ESP are put in positions where strong data support may not always exist, they will make better decisions.

You can read more about this project in this post and also in our ESP for Business Success book.

Silva Ultra Mind Business E.S.P. Training for Success

Who will benefit:

  • Business owners, executives at all levels
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Gig workers
  • Internet marketers
  • Sole proprietors
  • Work at home Mom's
  • Independent sales reps
  • People who desire to enter the business world
  • Employees who want to help their company prosper


Be ready to claim your rewards

Woman being congratulated for success

All forms of success - bonuses and raises and promotions and recognition and honors - come to those who are prepared, and who take action at the right moment in time.

In just a few weeks, you can equip yourself with the same skills and talents as the ultra successful people in all walks of life, so that you can achieve the success that you have always known, deep within, that you are meant to have.

Get a Masters in Business Intuition

Business team celebrating success

The Silva UltraMind ESP System is like getting a degree in how to use intuition to detect information and solve problems.

The Silva UltraMind ESP System for Business Success is like getting an advanced degree - a Masters Degree in Business Intuition.

People spend a lot of money and a lot of time in class to earn an MBA. Just as valuable - perhaps even more - is an MBI:

Master of Business Intuition

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What do geniuses say about the value of intuition?

  • Albert Einstein called intuition “the sacred gift.”
  • Oprah Winfrey: “The more we can tune in to our intuition, the better off we are.”
  • Steve Jobs : “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”
  • Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: “We need to make the world safe for creativity and intuition, for it's creativity and intuition that will make the world safe for us.”
  • Richard Branson: “I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.”
  • Shakti Gawain: “Your intuition will tell you where you need to go; it will connect you with people you should meet; it will guide you toward work that is meaningful for you - work that brings you joy, work that feels right for you.”
  • Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine: “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”
  • Deepak Chopra: “Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge.”
  • Wayne Dyer: “If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.”
  • Graham Greene: “You cannot love without intuition.”
  • Gisele Bundchen: “The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become.”
  • Immanuel Kant: “Notion without intuition is empty, intuition without notion is blind.”
  • Actor Alan Alda: “At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.”
  • Judith Orloff: “Trust your intuition. It is the best friend you will ever have.”
  • Actress Kim Basinger: “I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.”
  • Anne Wilson Schae: “Trusting your intuition often saves us from disaster.”

Learn how to use your natural God-given intuition to help you:

  • Accurately forecast business trends in advance
  • Know when to seek a raise, a promotion, a better job
  • Determine if the time is right to make a career move
  • Anticipate what people want before they tell you
  • Mentally sense the right thing to say and do
  • Use ESP to send good ideas to people mentally
  • Detect hidden information
  • Detect industry trends before they become public
  • Become aware of potential problems before they hurt you
  • Let higher intelligence guide you to your right path in life - for greater success, happiness, and satisfaction
  • Know what people are really thinking, what they really want
  • Intuitively sense the true motivations and feelings of others and avoid the pain of being betrayed and disappointed
  • Remove psychological barriers that prevent you from living the life you want
  • Discover where your strengths are
  • Detect what someone is willing to pay for your services so you know exactly to ask for
  • Avoid bad situations, be safer
  • Get and stay healthy longer by tuning in to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
  • Make better business decisions by having more "inside information" to work with
  • Build better relationships by understanding yourself and others better
  • Read people like a book
  • Instantly know if someone's telling you the truth
  • Gain knowledge about others' intentions just by looking at them
  • Know anyone's heart by simply being in the same vicinity
  • Project your mind to any place in the world to detect information
  • Influence others from a distance
  • Leave mental reminders behind
  • Strengthen will-power
  • Concentrate with total focus and clarity whenever you choose
  • Acquire new information and develop new skills faster and easier
  • Tap into the minds of experts when you need guidance, help, and advice - even experts from the past who are no longer with us
  • Improve the lives of others
  • Create an instant connection with people
  • Learn what you were sent here to do and discover your mission in life
  • Build self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-image
  • Protect yourself from liars and con artists, avoid accidents, let your intuition and higher intelligence guide you away from trouble and towards success
  • Trust your judgment and your decisions, end doubt and second-guessing, by asking higher intelligence to confirm - or correct - your decisions
  • Live a life that's prosperous, fulfilled, and happy
  • Align yourself with higher intelligence and get all of the guidance and help you need to fulfill your mission in life


Using intuition in business:

In these pages, see stories about how people have applied Jose Silva's techniques and used ESP in many areas to get the correct decision:

Your Career: Do you want a better job? A raise?

Something more meaningful, interesting, and satisfying to do? How about your own business? More customers? Bigger sales? Better employees? Better working conditions?

First, use Remote Viewing to detect problem areas, then Remote Influencing to convince others that you have the solution.

Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you to do a better job... whatever your job is... and wherever the information is. Once you determine the things that need to be done, use Remote Influencing to help you implement them.

Smart Buying: Use Remote Viewing to find the best product or service, the best vendor to establish a relationship with... and then use Remote Influencing to help establish a relationship that will be mutually beneficial for years to come.

Effective Selling: Would it help you to be able to mentally detect what your prospect's real wants and needs are... to read their thoughts, so to speak? Would it help you to be able to put a thought into your prospect's mind?

You can use Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing to reach them at a deep inner level where they know you are telling them the truth, that what you are offering them really is in their best interest.

Neutralize negativity from your prospect and in your prospect's mind; neutralize "negative generators" who are trying to sabotage the sale for their own selfish reasons.

Sales people can find out what is really on their client's mind.

Unconventional sales training: We don't teach sales people how to prospect, how to make presentations, how to close. They already know those things, and there are plenty of courses to help them with those things.

We show sales people how to use their mind to determine where to find prospects.

We show sales people how to detect what their clients real wants and needs are, so that your presentation show the clients how your product or service will help them.

When a prospect has an objection, ask them something about that objection, and while they are answering, project to their mind to determine what the real objection is. Whatever you sense is the real objection, that is what you talk about, regardless of what they said to you.

Taking action: You can learn to Remotely View what a person wants, and then use Remote Influencing to motivate them to go ahead and take action, to do what is right... to close the sale, to sign the agreement, to provide the information they've promised you, to pay a debt they owe you.

Inside information: Yes, it is perfectly legal... so far.

Nobody knows what government regulators might do in the future, but right now it is perfectly legal to use your mind look into other people’s thoughts and find out what’s on their mind.

The best time to begin is: Right Now!

If you are eager to get to work and grow your business, increase your earning power, and create a prosperous future for yourself and your loved ones, now is the perfect time.

Even if you are not a business owner or manager, you can still help by programming that the owners and managers make the right decisions so that they will prosper and will be here to serve you for many years.

You can start right now with the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Complete Home Seminar and the Business App Addon that shows you exactly how to use your ESP for Business Success. You can chose the Business App for free when you buy the UM ESP Complete Home Seminar.

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