Creative problem solving helps manifest your vision

They said it couldn't be done, that you couldn't take a 60-second time exposure of a Saturn 5 rocket launch, in the daytime, in color, facing directly into a blazing Florida sunrise.

But with the help of a little creative problem solving, Ed Bernd Jr. went ahead and did it anyway.

Working with limited equipment, he made a double-exposure photograph of the Apollo 11 rocket as it began its historic journey to the moon, superimposed on a photo of the moon.

"My most spectacular picture," he said, "Was the midnight launch of the last launch, Apollo 17. It didn't turn out at all the way I thought it would. I expected a black sky with the streak of the rocket exhaust, and hopefully a faint image of the old Canova Pier in the foreground.

"The result was far better than that. You could say that a 'creative coincidence' save the day."

You can see all of the photos and read about the creative measures Ed took to make them, and how you can do it too, at

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