How to program to meet your financial needs

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Programming to meet your Financial Needs

In this group webinar you learn the complete UltraMind ESP System, including all of the case working. We also include specific formula-type techniques that Jose and Juan Silva created especially to help you earn the money you need.

Isn't it time you gave yourself the same advantages that the ultra successful people have?

Silva Ultra Mind Systems E.S.P. for Business Success bookUse the most valuable tool you’ve got:

Your mind, and your natural God-given intuition.

In today's competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can get.

You can start by learning how to use your intuition accurately and reliably, which you learn in the Silva UltraMind ESP System.

Then you need to practice using it every day, and use the special techniques that Jose and Juan Silva used to help them earn all the money they needed.

This is how to get the inside information you need legally and ethically.

Isn't it time you gave yourself the same advantages that the ultra successful people have?

Start today and learn how to program to meet your financial needs the same way that Jose Silva did.

Here are some of the techniques to show you how to:

  • Program a person to have a desire to pay you a debt they know they owe you
  • Establish instant rapport when meeting a prospective customer for the first time, or interviewing for a new job, etc.
  • Automatically find the best time to do your programming
  • Overcome limiting belief systems and negative past programming that could be holding you back
  • Program to get the money you need the say way that Jose Silva did when he needed money
  • Use a special mental technique to instantly increase your motivation and confidence
  • Program your mind to automatically alert you to opportunities, and to warn you of potential problems
  • Use a special “Trigger Mechanism” to help you use your ESP to get information on-the-fly that will help you close the deal
  • Mentally get anybody to like you and trust you the way they would a longtime friend
  • Use the alpha level and your ESP to make decisions about how much to charge for your product or service, how much salary to ask for, which offer to accept, etc.
  • Use your ESP to determine exactly what someone wants and needs from you and how much they are willing to pay you for it
  • Turn your brain into a powerful transmitter that will modulate your thoughts and project them to everyone who can use your products or services
  • Project your vision of the best solution to other people with enthusiasm and energy
  • Ask higher intelligence for guidance and help at the right time, the right place, in the correct way, and for the right things

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