Perhaps Creativity is Spiritual

Silva Author and Lecturer Dr. Robert B. Stone

Silva Author and Lecturer Dr. Robert B. Stone

Author and Silva Instructor Robert B. Stone said that, “Perhaps creativity is really spiritual. Perhaps it is really spiritual open mindedness.”

According to Stone, creativity “has something to do with turning on the right brain hemisphere and being in touch with higher intelligence.

“It has something to do with doing the work of higher intelligence, because as you support higher intelligence, higher intelligence supports you,” Stone said.

“In order to be creative or intuitive, we need to alpha a lot and reinforce this connection,” he continued.

“We need to become an ‘alphaholic.’

“We are creative when we are in tune with higher intelligence.

“When we are inspired, it's higher intelligence.

“When we demonstrate psychic ability, we demonstrate higher intelligence.

“When we have flashes of insight, they come from higher intelligence.

“When we get innovative ideas, they are from higher intelligence.

“When we are loving, we become one with higher intelligence.

“When we are wealthy, we demonstrate the abundance of higher intelligence.

“When we are healthy, we are expressing higher intelligence itself.”

Robert B. Stone was an award winning Silva Instructor and author of 78 books. There are more than 3 million copies of his books in print. You can hear his Silva Convention workshop presentation in the Creativity App.

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