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Ed Bernd Jr.

    I think of negative thoughts like images projected onto a screen by a slide projector or a PowerPoint presentation:

    You can’t grab them and throw them away.

    They are not the same as having a stack of photographic prints on the desk in front of you.

    If there is a “negative” photograph on the top of the pile, you can just push it aside, throw it in the trash, or tear it up and throw it away.

    But you cannot do that with the image on the screen, because the image on the screen is just a representation of a physical scene. The image on the screen is composed of thousands of little specs of light.

    If you don’t want that negative image on the screen, you just click the button on the remote and replace it with another image. All it takes is to push the button on the remote control and you have a new image.

    That is how the 3-Scenes Technique works:

    The first scene is of the problem, something you don’t want. We cannot “push” it away because when we try to do that we are paying close attention to it.

    After you are aware of the problem and what needs to be corrected, you replace that image with another image, an image that represents what needs to be done to correct the problem. It could be an image of you, or of somebody else, taking action in the physical world to correct the problem.

    Once you are satisfied with the image of the correcting scene, replace that image with the third scene: the solution, the thing that you want.

    In the mental dimension, the problem is now solved. You have your solution.

    However, from time to time you might think of the original scene – the “project” you are now working on in the physical world.

    When that happens – and you have an image you don’t want (an image of the original problem) – simply replace that image with the image of the solution.

    You can learn to easily control what thoughts you have by simply “changing the slide” – replacing their negativity with positive images and thoughts about our life.

    And as you know it is important to have the right thoughts, because mind guides brain and brain guides body. We move in the direction of our dominant thoughts. So whenever you need to, just change the slide.