Reply To: Visualization seems fuzzy

Ed Bernd Jr.

    That sounds good to me. Juan Silva used to advise us to exaggerate our programming and our images. In the old Silva Mind Control Basic Lecture Series we taught Memory Pegs to help people develop better visualization and imagination, and one of the most important tips was to exaggerate our images, make the memorable by exaggerating them in ways we would never see with our physical eyesight. If you see a pink elephant… with blue poke-a-dots… jumping up and down on your bed… you would never forget that!

    You can use your Finger-Snapping Controls to help you exaggerate and to develop more enthusiasm. I think we introduce the Finger-Snapping Controls in the Projection into the Inanimate Matter Kingdom: to enlarge anything, snap the fingers of your right hand lightly and expect the change to take place; to reduce anything or bring it back to its original size snap the fingers of your left hand slightly and expect the change to take place.

    Visualization, Imagination, and Exaggeration are keys to success when using your Genius Mind.

    And it works even for all of us who don’t have strong, bright images. I’d be thrilled to have fuzzy visualization. But during the last 46 years, since I took the course, I’ve done pretty well by just recalling what things looks like, or thinking about what something would look like when creating something new with my imagination. Exaggeration helps with that.