Reply To: Visualization seems fuzzy

Ed Bernd Jr.

    The first thing to remember about visualization is that it is not like seeing with your eyes. Seeing is a physical process, visualization and imagination are mental.

    How can we use our mind to improve our visualization? First, use your memory: Remember details. That is why Mr. Silva instructs us to “study details” of the front of our home. Also remember the colors. When you use your mind to “Study details. Study colors” this will help you to create a mental image. Some people tell me that they have strong, vivid images that are almost like seeing. Many of us don’t have that kind of image. So we work with what we’ve got.

    What we are doing in the Projection to Home exercise is synchronizing our objective impressions with our subjective – mental – impressions. Notice that we start with something you are very familiar with: Your own home. You can refresh your memory – refresh your objective impressions – by going outside, standing in front of your flat, and use your physical eyesight to observe everything you can. Then walk towards the front door. When I lived in a second floor flat I had to go up a flight of stairs and then walk past a couple of other flats to get to mine. Then I could look at the door know, reach out and open the door. Do it all physically, and pay attention to everything you see. Also pay attention to how the door knob feels. Once inside you can even walk up to your living room south wall, reach out with your hand and make an impression of what it feels like.

    Then when you do the exercise, it will be easy to recall it. Yes, definitely get your body involved when you are doing your mental work. When we direct you to raise your hand and reach out and touch the subjective wall, then raise your physical hand and imagine touching the wall. Recall what it felt like.

    Your mind can help your body – you are learning how to do that.

    Your body can also help your mind. So definitely get your body involved – every but your eyesight. Eyesight requires 20 cycles per second beta brain frequency, so only focus your physical eyes when you want to be at beta. Otherwise use your mind – visualization, imagination, memory of what something looks like.