Reply To: What is a coincidence?


    This one happened a few weeks ago. I was meeting with a member from my team . It was a good visit. As I was getting ready to leave he made the statement that “we should never go to any call with anxiety”. I thought that was a very odd statement and just kind chuckled.

    Well I get in my truck to leave and get a text to call my manager. He informed me that I need to return to a call from two weeks ago where I had a major repair done and now it’s failed again. Well needless to say I had lots of anxiety. I felt it rush through my body. Then I recalled what was said to me only a minute ago and I let it go. No Anxiety. I drove directly to the job to discover the issue had nothing at all to do with our previous repair and is unrelated. I was calm cool and collected. Very Cool!

    I don’t know who that works for the other person, but I sure did appreciate it!