Reply To: Visualization seems fuzzy

Ed Bernd Jr.

    Remember: Visualizing is not “seeing” with your eyes, visualization is memory, remembering with your mind. The purpose of running through the color spectrum (from low to high frequency) during the Mental Projection exercises is to expand the bandwidth you can use. All you need to do is to recall what each color looks like. To help you do this, look at the colors ahead of time. They are on the Scale of Brain Evolution Chart, and we also included pictures of living rooms with different color walls on the Lesson where we precondition the Projection to Home exercise.

    When investigating human anatomy – or anything else – remember to use your hands, and also your imagination. Raise your physical hands, reach out and move them as though you were actually handling the body organs, and imagine what they would feel like, what they would look like, smell like, etc. This will help to improve your visualization.

    You are having some nice successes, and it is your choice whether to recall those successes and use them to build your confidence, or to think about something that disappoints you. There is no reason to be disappointed, you are doing fine. This is a skill you need to learn, just like any other skill. It takes time, it takes practice, and you need to want to succeed. Whenever you start to feel disappointed, just think of how much you have already learned, how much you have accomplished.

    Jose Silva always told us to build success on a ladder of small successes. Every small success can lift you closer and closer to some big successes. To do that, you need to recall your successes at your level, saturate your mind with the memory of successes, and keep in mind all of the people who will benefit as you learn to solve more and more problems.