Reply To: Health case result

Ed Bernd Jr.

    Keep practicing. You only began learning this new skill (ESP) 3 weeks ago.

    Have you gone through the Case Working Workshop that is included with the UltraMind ESP Complete Home Seminar? There is more than 2 hours of the best advice that we received from top Silva Instructors around the world over a 25 year period. Jim Needham said he didn’t get any of his cases right in the beginning so Jose Silva told him to work 100 cases. He did and still wasn’t accurate, so Mr. Silva told him to work another 100. When he still wasn’t getting any hits Mr. Silva told him to work another 100. About half through that third 100 cases Jim said he got one right – 100 percent accurate. He went on to become one of the most accurate case workers in the business, one of the top Silva Instructors, and also a vice president of Silva Mind Control International Inc.

    There is another case study about a man who took the course with us in the Bahamas. He was having trouble, so we presented a case to him. He mentioned almost every organ in the body, along with bones and muscles, etc. When he finished we told him that there were 3 problems in the subject’s body, and when he talked about those 3 areas, he said something he didn’t say about any other area: He mentioned light – shining on the organ, radiating from the organ, etc. That gave him the insight he needed, and he was very accurate after that.

    You can do the same: Check every organ and every part of the body, describe it – how does it look, how does it feel, what does it smell like – study it every way you can think of. Then when you review the case, go back to the problem areas and recall everything you detected about them. Maybe malfunctioning organs feel cold to you, or maybe they feel hot. Or maybe they seem darker than health organs. Maybe they are not as firm when you hold them in your hands. You need to find out. Nobody can do it for you, so you need to find out for yourself.

    You can review the replies to your previous questions in this topic because some of the suggestions relate to this conversation too.

    Also keep in mind who will benefit when you develop this skill. Think about the new opportunities you will have to help people, to relieve suffering, and to improve living conditions on the planet. The more people who will benefit, the stronger your motivation will be, and you will learn this new skill.