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Ed Bernd Jr.

    Hi Eileen,

    Thanks for learning the Holistic Faith Healing techniques. You cannot see the healing energy that the healers talked about because it isn’t physical. That’s why we instruct you to “Imagine radiated energy being transmitted out of your right hand, going through the subject’s body, and being collected by your left hand. Imagine this transmitted energy to be blue-white in color.”

    Your physical eyesight is like a “switch” that will switch you between beta brainwave function (when you attempt to use your eyesight) and alpha function.

    So just take it for granted that the healing energy is there. Imagine what it would look like. You can do that with your eyes open, or eyes closed. It is like you are daydreaming.

    A great way to practice is when you are working health cases. That is one reason we advise you to work the Magic 50 Health Cases as soon as possible. If you haven’t done that yet, then go back and review the procedure in the final Human Anatomy conditioning cycle in the ESP training. We also include a Case Working workshop – 4 half-hour sessions with more guidance.

    You begin by working health detection and correction cases with your eyes closed, then gradually shorten the ritual for entering your level and working the cases until eventually you are able to work them with your eyes open but “defocused” like when you are daydreaming.

    Better and better