Reply To: Visualization seems fuzzy

Ed Bernd Jr.

    Congratulations on your successes. You can use them to help you have even more successes. You do this by recalling them, thinking about them, what you did and how you felt. You can use them as stepping stones to greater successes.

    When it comes to detecting information about health problems, remember that we don’t want for the information to come to us.

    We go get it.

    We do this by thinking about possible problems.

    For instance, when you examine the heart, imagine the various problems it could have: imagine it enlarged, imagine it beating erratically, imagine the valves not working properly, imagine it weak… or beating too strong.

    As long as you are doing this at a distance (the person is not present) then you cannot cause harm by doing this.

    If there is a problem with the heart, then When you imagine the various things that could be wrong, one of them will seem different than the others. You might get a sense that one of the things you imagined is the actual problem. Or… you might get a feeling that it is not the problem. Anything that is different could be an indication that you have found the problem.

    If you continue to practice this way, then you will begin to understand how you detect the information. After that it will become easier and you will become more and more accurate.

    This is a learning process, just like any other skill. So try anything you can think of, and let your results guide you.

    Remember to do this at a distance, not within range of the physical part of the aura, and never tell the subject that you detected a problem.

    And of course always correct any problems you detect (any problems you think you detect).

    Your final impression should always be one of perfect health.