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You are cordially invited to join us in this Free Silva UltraMind ESP system Mini-Course - a $100+ value - and start using the Silva UltraMind ESP System today to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.

5 Lessons to help you change your life for the better:

1. Find and learn to use the powerful Alpha Brain Wave Level with conscious awareness and convert the subconscious into an inner conscious level that will help you to:

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Normalize your biological functions
  • Slow the aging process
  • Dissolve the stress hormone
  • Allow your mind to access more information
  • Analyze information better
  • Make better decisions
  • Correct more problems
  • Feel better
  • Have more energy
  • Enjoy life more

2. Learn how to develop your own natural God-given intuition

In a special video never before made available to the general public, Jose Silva reveals the secret of how you can develop your natural ESP so that you can:

  • Detect hidden information
  • Read people like a book
  • Instantly know if someone's telling you the truth
  • Learn what people are really thinking and feeling
  • Gain knowledge about others' intentions just by looking at them
  • Know anyone's heart by simply being in the same vicinity
  • Project your mind to any place in the world to detect information. The US Government spent $30 million training people to do this, and had a 100% success rate in certain cases
  • Learn to trust your intuition to help you make better decisions in all parts of your life

You also get to experience a portion of a “remote viewing” exercise that is used in the live seminars, so that you will know exactly what do to and how to do it.

3. Program yourself for success

Learn exactly what visualization is and how to do it effectively starting today, in order to solve problems, correct abnormalities, and overcome obstacles to achieving success in your mission in life.

Everything begins in the mind. You must think it before you do it. That is why we say that:

“Mind guides brain, and brain guides body.”

To make it easy, you will use Jose Silva’s 3-Scenes Technique to visualize success in the mental dimension so that success in the physical world will follow more easily.

4. Obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence, to help you fulfill your mission in life by correcting problems and improving living conditions on planet earth.

This is what Jose Silva called "The beginning of the 2nd phase of human evolution on the planet.

Have you ever felt like there was something more you should be doing with your life? Maybe you felt that there is a hidden talent just ready to burst into success. Or a special mission, a soul purpose, you are ready to achieve?

Wouldn't it be nice to have guidance from higher intelligence as to how to achieve all this? That's what Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System is all about: To help you make the rest of your life the best of your life

5. Where did we come from, why are we here, what is our purpose in life?

Jose Silva reveals the answers that he found to these universal questions during his 55 years of scientific research and experience as the leader in the field of mind and human consciousness.

In a special presentation recorded shortly before his passing, Mr. Silva reveals what we can do right now to improve living conditions on the plant and help to convert the planet into a paradise that all of us can enjoy.

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Silva UltraMind Sales Power Free Introductory Lessons:

Sales Power Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals book3. If you are in sales - if you have clients or customers - if you are in business - if you need to persuade people - then choose our Free UltraMind ESP Introductory Lessons for Sales Professionals: