Help me decide which Silva Ultra Mind E.S.P. Systems product to start withHelp me decide which Silva ESP product to start with

The most valuable thing is to have good ESP - also known as intuition. The more information you have, the better chance you have of making the best decision.

To get information, you can ask questions and read (or listen to) the answers, as you are doing now. There is another way to get information:

Develop and learn to use your natural God-given ESP

When you develop your ESP you can project your mind and detect information with your mind, no matter where that information is. Once you have enough information, then it is usually easy to know the best thing to do.

You can start developing your ESP with the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Complete Home Seminar and use it to help you in all aspects of your business and personal life.

If you prefer live instruction and guidance you can take advantage of our Seminars, Webinars, and Mentoring.

Apply your ESP any way you wish

Once you have gone through the 10 conditioning cycles and developed your ESP, you can apply it in any aspect of your personal or business life. If you want help and guidance, we have created several "application workshops" to guide and help you.

Please remember that it is a course of instruction, and you need to go through the conditioning cycles (mental exercises) in order the first time, because each one builds on what you did in the previous sessions. It is okay to go back and repeat any session you have already done, but don't jump ahead - do them in order.

You can learn more about ESP here.

Solutions for personal problems

If you have a specific problem that is holding you back - tension and stress, migraine headaches, poor memory and concentration, addictions, etc. - then you might need to use the problem-solving techniques in the Choose Success home study course to deal with that first.

Otherwise, developing your ESP is usually the most valuable thing a person can do. Decide how it can be most valuable to you in your business or personal life and that will help you decide how to proceed.

If you have a loved one or friend with a health problem, you can help them with the Holistic Faith Healing home study course. There are 2 excellent "laying-on-of-hands" techniques that work great. We also included a session with a specific mental technique for self-healing that is not in either of the other courses.

Just remember: First decide what problem you need to solve and then select the course that will help you to create the solutions that you need.

Mastering a new skill

This is not about learning information... it is about learning to use your mind in a certain way.

Kind of like learning a sport... if you want to learn to play tennis, you get out onto the court and swing a racket.

To learn to use your mind, you close your eyes and follow the instructions in the conditioning cycles - the mental exercises.

We include a PDF copy of the Student Resource Guide (Student Manual) and also a Supplemental Manual with the formula-type techniques and other information to help you.

The main thing is to follow the instructions - it doesn't help to sit and listen... you need to follow the instructions and use your mind. This is not "passive" meditation. Mr. Silva called it "Dynamic Meditation" because you use your mind while remaining physically and mentally relaxed.

Later, after you have practiced (we tell you how) you will be able to use your mind to detect information even when you are physically active and with your eyes open.

Silva Rapid Hand Vibration Holistic Faith Healing TechniqueLaying-on-of-hands techniques

The Holistic Faith Healing home study course contains 2 laying-on-of-hands techniques that Jose Silva developed to correct health problems. If you have a loved one with a health problem, you can use either of these techniques (or both) to help them.

The Rapid Hand Vibration technique is simpler, and is very effective. I have seen hundreds of people with no Silva training at all use the Rapid Hand Vibration technique for the first time and relieve someones pain or restore a full range of movement to a part of the body that had only a limited range of motion.

You can apply the Rapid Hand Vibration technique before you learn the ESP techniques. The Standard Healing Cycle involves the use of ESP for certain parts of it, so it works better when you have completed the ESP training. However, if you have a loved one who has a health problem and needs help right now, use every technique you've got.

There is also a Self-Healing session in the Holistic Faith Healing home study course.

To learn more please visit the Holistic Faith Healing page.

Problem solving techniques

The Choose Success home study course has Jose Silva's original formula-type techniques to use for specific problems.

You can use any of them after you have used the Silva Centering Exercise a few times so that you know how to enter the alpha level.

You can choose the technique that is designed to help correct the problem that you need to correct, and apply it.

To learn more and to see the specific techniques please visit the Choose Success page.

Climb to the top and achieve success

The best place to start

Sometimes people see that there are several session in each of these programs and they ask: "Where do I start?"

The best place to start is at the beginning.

Start at the beginning, and build your stairway to success on a firm foundation.

Each session takes you one step closer to the success that you desire.

First learn to find the Alpha level - the part of the brain that functions at 10 cycles per second Alpha brainwave frequency.

Then practice as you are directed so that it will be easy for you to use that part of the brain.

Without this training, most people - 90 percent - will do their thinking with the part of the brain that functions at 20 cycles per second Beta frequency.

Once you have enough experience entering the alpha level and doing your thinking with this part of the brain, something very good happens:

You will be able to use the midbrain for thinking at any time, even without consciously entering the alpha level.

You will use your mind to detect information just as naturally as you use your eyesight and hearing and your other senses. You won't need to think about doing it, you will just do it naturally.

And it all begins at... the beginning.

Jose Silva invested 22 years of scientific research - and spent half a million dollars of his own money - developing this System. He did all the hard work for us.

Now you can take advantage of it by:

  • starting with the first session
  • doing what you are instructed to do in each session
  • practicing between sessions
  • solving problems and manifesting solution that will relieve suffering and improve living conditions on the planet for yourself and others.

The best time to start: TNT

The best time to start is: Right now.

Today, Not Tomorrow.

Because when you get to "tomorrow," you will discover that it is another "today."

The sooner you begin, the sooner you will complete the course and achieve the success you desire.