Jose Silva demonstrates laying on of hands techniques
Learn Silva Holistic Faith Healing Techniques
Silva students practice Holistic Faith Healing techniques
Jose Silva watches as students practice Holistic Faith Healing Techniques
Jose Silva directs student in correct application of Holistic Faith Healing Technique
Jose Silva observes student applying Holistic Faith Healing Technique
Students practice in Silva Holistic Faith Healing Seminar
Jose Silva observes correct way to depolarize hands when applying Holistic Faith Healing
Scene from Silva Holistic Faith Healing instructional video
Jose Silva making sure Holistic Faith Healing techniques are applied correctly
Correct way to program water and use it to speed healing

"Do you have healing hands? Yes you do, and I can prove it to you. It is a matter of recognizing it mentally and doing it physically. Read below to learn how."

Learn to heal and be healed with Jose Silva's Holistic Faith Healing System

Are you willing to be the very first "Neighborhood Healer" in your neighborhood?

Yes, you can do this. And it only takes a few minutes to learn how.

This is the wonderful gift that Jose Silva left us.

All we are asking now is that you try it and see for yourself that you have the ability channel healing energy through your body to help your neighbors.

Are you ready to learn? Here's how to become a Holistic Healer:

A healer in every home

Nothing is more important than good health. And what could be more valuable than having a healer in your family.

Jose Silva's dream was to have a holistic faith healer in every home. This is a big order. So lets start by putting a healer in every neighborhood. You can be the first, and then you can share the home study course and the life saving Holistic Healing techniques with other people so that they can be the first healer in their neighborhood.

You can also encourage your neighbors to learn the techniques, until eventually there is a healer in every home in your neighborhood.

You can be that healer, with the power to relieve pain, correct problems, and give hope to those who need it.

Where does energy come from? Higher intelligence. When you help your neighbors in this manner, you are literally an agent of higher intelligence - an agent of God - with healing energy flowing through your body.

How will you feel when your turn comes, and a loved one or a neighbor is in desperate need of help? Will you know what to do, so that you can spring into action to relieve a pain, correct problems, and give hope to those who need it. Or will you sit there feeling helpless and powerless, wishing you had learned a simple technique that could relieve your loved one's pain and maybe save their life.

Dennis Higgins knows how it feels to be that kind of hero to his family:

Never be helpless again

Dennis was awakened in the deep darkness of that terrible night to learn that his father had suffered a heart attack.

At the hospital, doctors told Dennis and his mother that only one of them could go into the intensive care unit. They understood that it be their last visit with their loved one.

Dennis persuade his mother to let him be the one to make that visit.

What Dennis saw scared him:

"There were tubes going into my father, and machines blinking and beeping worriedly," Dennis recalled. "When my father looked at me, I could see the fear in his eyes. I told him to close his eyes and then I went to work on him, doing what Jose Silva had taught me to do in Holistic Faith Healing Course.

"When I had finished," Dennis continued, "I felt better. The machines had settled down... the beeping was rhythmic and peaceful. And when my father looked up at me again, the fear in his eyes had been replaced with gratitude. He could speak, but he managed to move his hand to give me a "thumbs up" sign that everything was okay.

"As I returned to the waiting room, I saw people sitting there wringing their hands, fear on their faces as they waited to hear something - anything - about the condition of their loved ones, and I thought: Thank God I never have to stand by helpless again when a loved one needs help!"


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Many years of research

Imagine what you'd have to do if you wanted to learn the secrets of holistic faith healers:

You'd travel the world persuading faith healers, psychic surgeons, with doctors, mucumbas, kahunas...every type of healer you could permit you to observe them, assist them, and learn from them. You would ask them to teach you their techniques...but they would refuse. They won't share the prestige and the honor that comes with their special ability.

You would have to rely on your understanding, insight, and intuition about how the human mind works, about energy fields in and around the human body, about universal healing energies, and you would have to use all of your experience, knowledge, and insight to weed out the showmanship and misdirection from the real techniques, the ones that actually produce the healing effect.

It would be a daunting task to unlock their secrets. Only one scientist has succeeded.

Many techniques to correct health problems

Jose Silva took the common denominators, the things that he knew produce real results, and developed scientifically researched and proven effective healing techniques that will work for you. He used his techniques to help people in Laredo for many years. Then he broke the unwritten code of secrecy and started teaching other people to heal the way he did.

"I realized that I could not personally heal everybody who needed to be healed," he explained. "But I knew that if I could train enough people so that there would be a healer in every home, then in that way, I could help everybody."

As a result, he created a Holistic Faith Healing workshop and in 1997 began training Instructors to teach it. To see if there is a Holistic Faith Healing Workshop in your area, please click here.

If not, we have another way to learn these life-saving techniques:

In order to reach even more people, faster, Mr. Silva asked us to record the techniques on video tape.

Now in this special home study course authorized and supervised by Jose Silva shortly before he passed on, you can learn these time tested holistic faith healing techniques.


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Be ready to spring into action to save a life

You've gotten the call for help, or you will.

Imagine two different people getting that call that a loved one is in trouble. They both rush to the hospital and enter the waiting room, and look at what happens:

  • One sits down and begins to worry, hoping their loved one gets better, feeling helpless, willing to give any amount of time or money or effort to save their loved on.
  • The other goes in to visit their loved one and begins to use the techniques they acquired for less than $100 and spent an evening or two to learn.

As that person leaves the room where their loved one is already beginning to feel better, they know that they have done exactly what was needed, that their place is not with the worriers and the helpless.

They have taken their place alongside the heroes, the healers throughout the ages who have come forward to relieve pain and suffering. They made a huge difference in somebody's life, even extend a life and gave them another chance.

They are heroes of your family.

Let me take all the risk

Don’t risk your health or the health of your family, order Jose Silva’s Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course today, and if you are not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your money, no hesitation, no questions asked. Fair enough?

Detailed step-by-step instructions

Here is a brief excerpt from one of the half-hour training videos that you will receive: