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Develop your creativity and enhance your creative talent in music, art, writing, dance, business, education, personal relationships, and more. Buy now directly from the Apple Books website.


Develop your creative talent, enhance your creativity in music, art, writing, dance, photography, architecture, public speaking, science, technology, education, sports, acting, marketing, business, parenting, and more.

Are you an artist? An author? A dancer? Musician? Inventor? Research scientist? Or in any other creative activity where you produce something new and different?

  • Always be “in the mood” – Artist Nelda Sheets, who attended the 1st Silva Mind Control class, tells how
  • Creativity under pressure – Veteran reporter Ed Bernd Jr. gives tips for writing under deadline pressure
  • Creative kids – Katherine Sandusky reveals creative parenting solutions, and how to raise creative kids who will be winners and will lead the way for others.
  • Creating an Inventor – Juan Silva details how he used the Alpha level to invent a million dollar product

Boost your income – Increase profits with creative solutions for business, sales, negotiating, marketing

Praise from notable creative people:

  • Harry Jackson, “Sculptor of the American West” said the Silva Method is what he was seeking his entire life
  • Band leader Doc Severinsen uses it to write music
  • Author Shakti Gawain said “The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization… I found that it was amazingly effective”
  • Prolific author Robert B. Stone explains why “Creativity is the expression of your spiritual life”

Learn how to find the creative dimension and use it to boost your own natural God-given creativity to bring you more success, happiness, and satisfaction in your life.

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