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Buy the complete Silva Mind Training Album, or just the Alpha Park or Theta Pak. Includes 2 versions of the Silva Centering Exercise, 15 minute Alpha Session and Theta Session recordings, and 15 minute Alpha Sound and Theta Sound recordings. The disk version also includes free downloads that you can use to get started immediately if you wish, while the disks are on the way to you.

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Why do we need whole brain multi-dimensional thinking?

Because we need to use the correct level to achieve our goals:

Most health problems are rooted at the alpha level, the level where human intelligence resides. Some are rooted at the theta level, where biological intelligence resides.

You can experiment with both to determine which works best for a specific problem.

Neutralize negative past programming

Many Silva graduates have reported wonderful successes in dealing with old limiting beliefs, with the “wounded child” that therapists talk about, and with such problems as irrational fears, feelings of guilt that can destroy self-esteem, and self-doubts that sabotage confidence and achievement.

At deep levels of mind, you can use the 3-Scenes Technique to neutralize old wounds and mistakes.

Alpha and Theta pacing

In Jose Silva’s Mind Training Album, you receive recordings of both the Alpha Sound and Theta Sound so that you can do whatever you need to do in order to correct the problems.

Nobody knows better than you, how much you hurt, or how long it will take to make the corrections, change the inner images, and install the thoughts and programs you need so that you can get on with your life.

You also receive both the Alpha and the Theta Session, which gently guide you to your center, and then you have approximately 15 minutes of either the alpha or theta sound before you are guided back out.

You also receive 2 recordings of the Silva Centering Exercise – one with the Alpha Sound in the background, the other with the Theta Sound.

You can experiment with all of these systems and find out which works best for you, and which works best on any specific project. Instead of a “coffee break,” take a 15 minute “Alpha Break.”

More help is available

For help on how to program to solve problems and overcome impediments, you can attend a live seminar, or you can use the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar to develop your natural God-given intuition and use it to get information and solve problems.

You can use the Silva Choose Success Program to solve specific problems and program yourself for success.

For health problems, you can attend a Holistic Faith Healing workshop, or you can use Jose Silva’s

Holistic Faith Healing Home Study Course.

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