Everyone can teach the UltraMind ESP Systems... to their loved ones

Jose Silva giving his grandchildren a ride on his garden tractor

Jose Silva with some of his 28 grandchildren

You can teach the Silva techniques to your loved ones. Jose Silva encouraged it. He even wrote a book about how to Create a Genius child.

If you want to teach professionally and charge people for helping them develop their ESP, there are prerequisites you must complete before you can apply for Advanced training and Certification. They are listed below.

Save the Planet Project

Only 10 percent of people are natural Alpha thinkers. They are the natural problem solvers. The 90 percent of people who only use the beta part of the brain are causing more problems than the 10 percent can solve.

So Jose Silva created the Save the Planet project and asked that all of us who have learned his Systems and benefited from them join by reading the Silva Centering Exercise to people so that they, too, will be better problem solvers.

Help people learn a new skill

It is easy to teach people to use their ESP because - as Jose Silva reminded us - we don't teach.

We help them learn a new skill - a mental skill.

We don't learn a new skill by accumulating knowledge. We learn by doing.

How do you teach a child to walk?

You don't.

You model it for them and then they imitate what you do.

You encourage them and steady them as their take their first steps. Then you show them how to walk up stairs. Then down stairs. Next thing you know they are climbing mountains without any help from you.

The child is usually eager to start running and jumping, but you know that they have to "learn to walk before they can run." The same is true of developing your ESP: Do it step by step.

Don't tell them: Show them

So your first step in helping someone develop their ESP is to be a good role model.

Don't tell them what to do... show them.

Use it yourself, and you children will imitate you.

You can get all of the information that you need to help your children develop and use their Genius Mind in the Better World Initiative.

You can use the scripts that Jose Silva wrote - the conditioning cycles - to guide them to use their mind in a way that will develop a new skill: Clairvoyance, also known as ESP - Effective Sensory Projection.

Jose Silva with Silva Educator and UltraMind ESP Systems training tapes

When he started the UltraMind ESP Systems, he offered a "kit" to make it easy for you to teach your loved ones. It consided of an electronic biofeedback device called The Silva Educator that would turn on an audio cassette recording of a conditioning cycle when you entered the alpha level, and recordings of all of the conditioning cycles.

We no longer have The Silva Educator, but you don't need it. You can simply play a recording - or you can read the selected conditioning cycle to your loved ones and guide them to unleash their genius mind.

If you want to teach professionally - for pay - then you can apply to us for certification after you have completed the following prerequisites:

Prerequisites to apply for certification to teach professionally

Jose Silva already did the hard work when he authored the conditioning cycles. As a Silva Instructor you need to:

  • Persuade people to learn the System.
  • Answer questions so that people will simply relax and follow instructions when you read the conditioning cycles to them.
  • Be a good role model.

The UltraMind ESP System doesn't sell itself. So the first thing to consider before becoming a Silva Instructor is the business aspect: How are you going to get people to attend?

We have dozens of hours of audio and video recordings of Jose Silva explaining his research and his system, so you can learn all about it "from the horse's mouth," as he used to say.

Then we have simple quizzes you take the get the feel for answering questions that typically come up in class. The quizzes provide instant feedback to help build your knowledge and confidence that you can handle any question that comes up.

Be a good role model

Belief comes from experiences - successful experiences.

If you have had success with the techniques, or you know people personally who have overcome difficult challenges with the help of the techniques, then you don’t just “hope” that it works, you “know” that it works.

This confidence is transmitted through the physical part of your aura to the people in your presence. You can read more about that in our Persuasive Thoughts book.

That is the value of having a live Instructor: Your students benefit from your belief in the systems.

Students who are in your sense presence sense how much confidence you have in the Systems.

Actions speak louder than words

We can show someone how to hit a golf ball or a tennis ball. That's a physical skill.

But we cannot "show" them how to use their ESP, because ESP is a mental skill.

What we can show them is that ESP works.

We do that by showing them the successes we have had, and that our students have had.

When they see how we use ESP to solve problems and manifest solutions, that increases their belief in ESP, and then it is easy for them to learn this new skill.

Steps towards becoming a Silva Instructor

To qualify to apply for certification to teach professionally, you must:

  1. Take the course, via Home Seminar, or Blended Learning (mentoring), Webinar or Seminar with a Certified Instructor who can confirm that you have completed these 7 steps.
  2. Memorize the 5 Laws of Programming - the are the foundation of the UltraMind ESP Systems.
  3. Work the Magic 50 Health Cases so you will have the experience and confidence that will enable you to spring into action whenever your help is needed.
  4. Solve problems and accumulate verified successes - for yourself and others.
  5. Center people with the Save the Planet project.
  6. Persuade people to learn the Silva UltraMind ESP System
  7. Earn while you learn. Persuade people to join a seminar or a webiar, or learn by home study. Join our ClickBank affiliate program and earn a 50 percent commission every time you refer someone to buy our products.

Your confidence convinces them

This is not an "information product" to increase people's knowledge. They are learning a new skill.

We are helping people develop and use their natural God-given intuition to help themselves and others.

They use you as a role model, so we provide you all of the audio and video and text materials we have so that you can learn how to solve the tough problems.

The 500+ page Instructor Support Group Web Site includes:

  • 40 half-hour video programs Jose Silva recorded about his research and his Systems.
  • Audio recordings of 2 complete week-long Instructor Training sessions conducted by Jose Silva.
  • A complete section of audio, video, and text material from Jose Silva about how to help your children improve their test scores, get better grades, and be more successful in life.
  • A comprehensive section on his Holistic Faith Healing techniques.
  • Jose Silva's answers to questions from hundreds of Silva graduates about how to use his System to solve all kinds of personal and business problems.

Silva Instructor Support Group Web Site

Confidence and success

Your confidence in the Systems will inspire them to want to learn it.

Your success with the Systems will persuade them sign up.

How do you develop that kind of confidence?

By using it yourself, collecting a lot of successes, and helping a lot of people.

So the first step is to take the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems yourself, and use it.

It is what you do, not what you say

Your confidence is more important than what you say

If you want to teach the course, then start collecting as many successes as you can. Help as many people as you can.

Success breeds success, for you and for your students.

That is when you get your reward

Teaching the course is not work. It is the reward you get for persuading people to make the decision to learn.

You can even earn money doing it. To see how to do it, take a look at our 4-step Business Plan.

Webinars and Seminars

Webinars and Seminars