Jose Silva presenting a health case to a studentTeach what you know

Thanks to Jose Silva's 22 years of scientific research and his great insight and understanding, we have a course that does the hard work for us:

Just read the conditioning cycles to guide people through the mental projection drills, and when they follow your instructions they will unlock their natural God-given ESP.

This doesn't require great public speaking skills or a charismatic personality.

It does require that you have a strong belief in the UltraMind ESP Systems yourself that is based on your own personal experiences and successes.

This begins with health cases.

Magic 50 Health Cases

Follow the instructions at the end of the Human Anatomy conditioning cycle and work enough health detection and correction cases so that you can do them with your eyes open when necessary.

Evaluate your progress on sets of 10 cases. When you work 10 health cases and are satisfied with the results, shorten the ritual for entering your level when you work the next 10.

Many ways to detect information

Some people have excellent mental images. Their preferred way to detect problems is visually.

Other people find that they do better when they use their hands to "feel" the problem. If the heart is enlarged for instance, or is beating erratically, they can "feel" it with their hands.

Then there are the good conversationalists who imagine asking the subject where they hurt, and then - after clearing their mind for a moment of time - they imagine what the subject would tell them.

Most people enjoy a good story, and that provides another way to use your mind to detect information. "Make up" a story about the person while you are at your level, and that can give you the answer.

The best way is...

Which way is best?

All of them.

Great visualization is good of course. But Jose Silva said that people who don't have excellent visualization often become better psychics.


Because those with great visualization sometimes depend on just that one way to detect information, while other people try all of the different ways.

The more options you have, the better the chances that you will detect the information that you need in order to solve difficult cases.

How you can help your students

You can help your students become excellent psychics by helping them to discover how to detect information.

If they "don't see anything," then remind them to use their hands. Perhaps they will find the problem that way.

Some psychics might feel a slight discomfort in their own body. If you notice them shifting their position or rubbing a part of their body - and it is the part of the body where the problem is located - you can point that out to the psychic.

If they think there might be a problem with a specific organ, you can remind them to compare the subject's organ with one they know is healthy.

They can also imagine asking the subject where the problem is located. The psychic can imagine the subject telling them what the problem is.

Asking the psychic to "Make up a story about the subject" can be a good way to get the psychic to get into action. Most of the time, answers don't just come to us, we have to find them.

Effective Sensory Projection

We don't sit passively and wait for an answer to come to us.

That is why Jose Silva changed the words from Extra Sensory Perception to Effective Sensory Projection.

ESP is not an extra sense. It is a sense that everybody has.

And he was not the kind of person to sit and wait for something to happen. His entire lift he worked hard to solve problems, to provide for his family, to help people who needed help.

So he kept the letters ESP but changed the words to Effective Sensory Projection.

Follow the guidance in this article and you will be an Effective psychic, because you Project your Sensing Faculty - your mind - to see out problems so that you can correct them and replace them with solutions.

Experiences bring belief

When you have a strong belief, based on your own experiences, your students will sense your confidence, and this will motivate them to follow your instructions.

Motivational speeches are usually temporary at best.

There is a saying that "People may not remember what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Your genuine confidence in the Silva UltraMind ESP Systems - based on your own experiences - will lead them to feel that they can trust you.

And since you believe that they will also succeed, just as you have succeeded, they will succeed.

It is easy to learn what to say when "teaching" the course.

The real "teaching" comes from who you are, and the work you do now to develop your own ability so that when you speak, people know you are speaking the truth.