Jose Silva’s Save the Planet Project

Jose Silva Save the Planet ProjectImagine the kind of world we will have when everyone learns to function from their center and use the alpha dimension and their right brain hemisphere.

That's the idea behind Jose Silva's Save the Planet Project. He set this up in the 1980s to encourage all Silva graduates to center as many people as possible by reading the Silva Centering Exercise (the Long Relaxation Exercise) to them.

In this video recorded in 1987, Mr. Silva explains his idea behind the Save the Planet Project. The "little blue book" that he talks about is now available as a free PDF document that you can download below.

Mr. Silva explains the value of functioning at your center, the 10 cycles alpha brain wave frequency, and how to use visualization to help you correct abnormalities, improve living conditions, and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

To download a printout of the Silva Centering Exercise with instructions on how to read it to your loved ones to help them find their center, please scroll down the page.

Here is a copy of the updated version of the "little blue book" that Jose Silva talks about in the video, that you can download.

Save the Planet Project book

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You can print it out with the free Adobe Reader, or with the free Sumatra PDF Reader, which is the one we use:

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Reading the Silva Centering Exercise

by Jose Silva

The Silva Centering Exercise helps people discover an inner dimension, a dimension that they can use to become healthier, luckier, and more successful in achieving their goals.

When a person learns to function from this inner dimension, the person automatically becomes more spiritual, more human, healthier, safer from accidents, and a more successful problem-solver.

In order for a person to use this inner dimension, the person needs to hear the Silva Centering Exercise a total of ten hours as read by a qualified reader, and to follow the simple directions in the mind exercise.

A qualified reader is a person who is a graduate of one of the Silva Systems, or a person who has heard the Silva Centering Exercise read for ten hours by a qualified reader. Everyone who hears the Silva Centering Exercise read by a qualified reader for ten hours, and who follows the instructions, becomes qualified to read the Silva Centering Exercise to others.

The Best Method

When a person hears a recording of the Silva Centering Exercise, the information reaches only one level of mind, only one dimension.

When a person hears the Silva Centering Exercise read by an unqualified person, the information reaches only three and a half levels of mind and dimensions.

However, when a person graduates from the Silva System or hears the Silva Centering Exercise read by a qualified reader, the information reaches all seven levels of mind, dimensions, and this qualifies the listener to now be able to read the Silva Centering Exercise effectively to others and in turn qualify them as readers.

Once you become a qualified reader you can then listen to a recorded exercise to maintain your contact with all dimensions.

A Qualified Reader

A qualified reader is a person who:

  • Has graduated from one of the Silva Systems, or...
  • Has heard the Silva Centering Exercise for ten hours from a qualified reader

A non-qualified person is one who reads the Silva Centering Exercise without being a graduate of one of the Silva Systems, and who has not heard the mind exercise for ten hours from a qualified reader.

How to Proceed

The Silva Centering Exercise can be read for ten hours in one day, or read once a day, or once a week.

Take time at the start and at the completion of reading the Silva Centering Exercise. Take a break between each reading of the exercise.

Keep a record of reading time until ten hours has been accumulated by the listener. This qualifies the listener to also read and qualify others.

A qualified reader can read to one or to several persons at the same time.

How to Read

When reading the Silva Centering Exercise, read in a relaxed, natural voice. Be close enough so that the listener can hear you comfortably. Read loud enough to be heard, and read as though you were reading to a seven year old child. Speak each word clearly and distinctly.

Have the listener assume a comfortable position. A sitting position is preferred, but the most important thing is to make sure the listener is comfortable. If uncomfortable, the listener will not relax as much and will not get as much benefit from the exercise.

Avoid distractions, such as loud outside noises. There should be enough light so you can read comfortably, but not extremely bright lights. If you wish, you can play the Alpha Sound gently in the background to help the person remain at the 10 cycles per second alpha brainwave level.

If the person shows any signs of nervousness or appears to be uncomfortable, stop reading, tell them to relax and make themselves comfortable. When they are comfortable and ready, then continue.

Take your time when you read; there is no need to rush.